We believe creative and driven people can work and live wherever they want.

We also believe if you build it, they will come. So we created a COliving space for creators to create and live the lives they love.

Why here?

Denver is dope.


We hope to foster a thriving community open for all to enjoy.


Video Tour

Common Areas

Entry Way

This is where you enter


Sometimes we work here. Sometimes we party here.

2nd Floor

4 rooms and 1 shared bathroom on this floor.

2nd Floor Bath

Common bath. Mostly used by females.

3rd Floor Kitchen, Living, Dining

Common area. 2+ apportioned fridges and pantry space

3rd Floor Bath

Common bath. Mostly used by males.

Laundry, Board / Ski Storage

Basement Storage

On-premise small storage. The ghost lives here.

Parking Lot / Backyard

Parking spot in back included. Street parking in front generally available.

Rooms for Rent



This is the smallest, but cutest room in the house. It has an ornate fireplace with a built-in mirror as well as 2 large built-in shelves. Window faces East.

  • 13.1 ft x 10.8 ft = 142 sq ft
  • $1000/mo
  • AC Unit

Pikes Peak


The Master suite. Has a goofy double-swinging door. Kinda feels like you’re in the Wild West. Connected to the office via a secret bookshelf (pictured in Office). Window faces West.

  • 15.3 ft x 12.8 ft = 196 sq ft
  • $1100/mo
  • AC unit



This is the sister room to Torreys. Complete with ancient stained glass window and wood flooring. This room has 2 closets, a fireplace, and dimming lights. Windows face East and North East.

  • 11.8 ft x 13.6 ft = 161 sq ft
  • $900/mo
  • AC unit



This is the sister room to Grays. Only has 1 closet – the 2nd closet door doesn’t open. Complete with ancient stained glass window and wood flooring. Windows face East and South East.

  • 12.6 ft x 14.3 ft = 181 sq ft
  • $900/mo
  • AC unit



This is the biggest singular room in the house, but… it has carpet and a golden retro accent wall. Windows face West.

  • 16.5 ft x 12.6 ft = 209 sq ft
  • $800/mo
  • AC unit



Not much to say about this room. The heater is located in the closet, so this room is for those who enjoy white noise. Windows face West.

  • 12.1 ft x 11.8 ft = 143 sq ft
  • $750/mo
  • AC unit

Red Rocks


Bigass space. Could be 2 rooms, but it’s not. Has a black accent wall that one of the tenants has graciously painted.

  • 11.1 ft x 24.6 ft = 272.5 sq ft
  • $700/mo



Not a whole lot of space, but attached toilet and entrance/exit door in close proximity. Plenty of room for a Queen mattress, desk, and dresser. Water heater is in this room.

  • 11.8 ft x 10.5 ft = 119.4 sq ft
  • $600/mo


What’s the floor plan?

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 2.25 baths
  • 1 kitchen
  • 1 lofted living room
  • 1 balcony
  • 1 chill / party / office / sleepover room
  • 2 basement storage rooms
  • 1 parking lot

How much does it cost?

Pricing per room is listed above. Additional costs include monthly security deposit insurance (less than $10) and renter’s insurance ($10-25).

Is there a security deposit?

No. Security deposit insurance is collected monthly (less than $10) by a third party insurance broker ( in lieu of a security deposit. An insurance policy is then held in your name for the amount equal to 1 month’s rent. Any damages to the property, unpaid rent, and/or late fees will be claimed via this insurance policy and you will be responsible for this amount to the third party insurance broker.

Is there a pet deposit?

No. Any damages to the property will be claimed against the security deposit insurance policy held in your name.

Is there a lease agreement?

There is a master lease. You will sign a sublease agreement before move-in that details all your rights and responsibilities.

What’s included?

  • Locking private room
  • Keyless entry
  • Video doorbell surveillance
  • Access to locking storage
  • Washer and dryer on premise
  • 1 parking spot in the private back parking lot
  • Water and dispenser (when available)
  • Utilities – (subject to change if abused)
  • High-speed business class internet – 1000 down / 20 up – (subject to change if abused)

What’s not included?

  • A job
  • Cable TV
  • Rental insurance
  • Transportation
  • Food and sustenance
  • Entertainment
  • Toilet paper
  • Janitorial services (emphasis here)
  • A sense of humor

Can I bring furniture?

For your room only, unless previously approved by management. There is room for maybe 1 or 2 furniture items in the basement, but must be approved by management.

Are there prerequisites?

  • Background check (rental, credit, and criminal)
  • Proof of income or funds available for rent
  • Proof of rental insurance
  • Security deposit insurance
  • Video or in-person tour
  • Signed sublease agreement

Any other amenities?


  • Professional networking, collaboration, and opportunities
  • Proximity to local gems and less than 2 miles to downtown
  • Ski/snowboard, hiking, camping, music, on-the-town outings
  • Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ accounts
  • Nintendo 64, Xbox 360, board games
  • Laughs and good times
  • Occasional house parties

What’s with the room names?

They’re named after mountains. 14ers in Colorado, to be more specific. 14ers in Colorado that I (the master lease holder) have summited, to be even more specific. The characteristics of the rooms somewhat resemble the characteristics of the 14ers they’re named after. The basement rooms are named after smaller rock formations as they’re underground. Ah-ha, get it? Whatever.

What are the roommates like?

Early 20’s to early 30’s, typically. Roughly even split between genders. Holding all types of jobs within varying industries. All talented, creative, active, friendly, and funny.

What is the environment like?

We try to treat the house as a family, with healthy communication and conflict resolution. We have a group chat that regularly is filled with memes. Most things in communal spaces are shared and private spaces are to be respected. We hang out and cook together and do things outside of the house together as well. We have thrown parties, gone to Red Rocks concerts, gone camping, hosted Thanksgiving at the house, chilled at the park, and all kinds of things together. We probably should have a TV show.

Is this a scam?

Seriously…? I made a whole website. Almost too good to be true. -_-